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    Badminton Horse Trials 2019

  • The Badminton Horse Trials is a three-day event, one of only six annual Concours Complet International Four Star events as classified by the Fédération Équestre Internationale. It takes place in April or May each year in the park of Badminton House, the seat of the Duke of Beaufort in South Gloucestershire, England.
  • Date: 01.05.2019 - 05.05.2019
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    ODI 2019

  • England V Pakistan
  • Date: 14.05.2019 - 14.05.2019
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    Rod Stewart at Ashton Gate Stadium

  • Opening his 2019 UK tour in Bristol

  • Date: 22.05.2019 - 22.05.2019
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    TAKE THAT 2019 UK tour - Bristol 28th may

  • Playing at Ashton Gate stadium for on enight only as part of their 2019 UK tour
  • Date: 28.05.2019 - 28.05.2019
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    Spice Girls 2019 tour

  • At Ashton gate stadium for one night only as part of their UK tour
  • Date: 10.06.2019 - 10.06.2019
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    Glastonbury Festival 2019

  • Following the 2018 fallow year  - Glstonbury festival returns 26th to 30th June

    Our apartments are a short 5 minute walk to the train station, making us an excellent stop over point  
  • Date: 26.06.2019 - 30.06.2019
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    Bristol Harbour Festival

  • The Bristol Harbour Festival is a festival held annually in the English city of Bristol, and which the celebrates the city's maritime heritage and the importance of Bristol's docks and harbour. Most of the activities, including live music, street performances, fireworks and a variety of other live entertainments, are held on or near the waterfront of Bristol Harbour. Venues include Queen Square, Lloyds Amphitheatre, Millennium Square and Castle Park, with seagoing vessels moored nearby. The liveliest part of the festival is quayside, but the main attractions are entertainment designed to engage all the communities of Bristol, as well as entertain the thousands of visitors to the city.
  • Date: 19.07.2019 - 21.07.2019
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    Bristol International Balloon fiesta

  • The Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is Europe’s largest annual meeting of hot air balloons, attracting over 130 Hot Air Balloons from across the globe. Made possible last year by Bristol Energy , the Fiesta truly is a sight that can only be seen in Bristol

    The popular night glows occur on the Thursday and Staurday evenings  
  • Date: 08.08.2019 - 11.08.2019